I have your website playing on a loop, just wanted to say. GOod stuff!

Loved hearingyou perform @ three blind mice!

If you don't remember who I am, ask Mike. :) You have such a beautiful voice. Excellent songs. so glad i came to listen. i love it!

It's great to see you are still so involved with music so many years after we were in the Explorers Wind Symphony. Cheers!

Ran across your website today and was totally blown away by your music. I am quickly becoming your biggest fan. Would love to know where you are performing next. You are truly gifted and your talent will take you far.

I am so proud of you. I love you and wish you much success. I love it, I love it! Congratulations!!!!!

Hi Amy

Just wanted to say the new CD sounds great!!! Congratulations!

Gary J. Palys

love you hon!

Wonderful CD Amy. You have such great talent!

Wow - your music sounds fantastic!! Absolutely awesome!

As a long time fan, "WOW". This CD has to be played at least once a day in my car . If I had a top 10 list of CD's yours is #1. You have great stage presence, a wonderful voice and, not to forget the others, a producer who spent many, many hours with you (patience too), and the various musicians - they're all totally pros.
I call this my Bill Gates album - I think you can figure it out.
Huggs and kisses all over - your biggest fan (and worst critic).
Fp & "C"

Hi Amy!
Great songs on the new cd!

Hey girl...you rock...as always! Keep spreading that sweet sound of yours. We will be sure to transmit your soothing vibes over here in France. By the way...you have a new fan...maybe your youngest yet! LOL Jol

I love Your CD. Whether I Want U, What U Said, and 2 Sides 2 the Story are great. I love your grooves and the feel of your music. Can't wait for your next album. Please Keep me updated and I'm waiting for your next live show. Great job.

AMWAY! Great stuff - you're gifted!

Amy and Michael - All I can say is "What Talent"!!! I personally think The Same Way should hit the charts. You make us proud - Congratulations!! Mom & Bob

Hey baby doll!!!. Kick ass!! ........God bless and congrat's!!!!


I am enjoying your CD and building your fan base here in NE Tennessee. Lauren & I are both very proud of you Ms Amy – you rock! BRV

You are such a beautiful lady, Thank you for keeping me in the loop with your wonderful music. Always your friend.

Congratulations!! I had no idea. So very cool to know a rising star.